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06 June 2007 @ 07:14 pm
Welcome to W O N D E R L A N D.

Perhaps unknown to the general populace or the commonly stupid, Central Neisenma has been under some massive - if not impressive - construction as of late, and management of the grand Metropolis is pleased to finally announce Central's most recent (and ONLY) amusement park!

Funded by the Fowl Cooperation, WONDERLAND is presently under renovations but has been opened to the public. The immense park includes a series of corkscrew roller-coasters, dark rides, drop towers, ferris wheels, sighting seeing trains and many, many more.

Note: The House of Mirrors and Water Rides are presently under-going construction. They should be available in the near future.

Admission is a mere handful of gil, and hotel packages are offered to visiting families; for those in the night-life, a separate portion of the park is available after-hours including karaoke bars, dance clubs and various other attractions. Alcohol is available.

Remember, everything good beings with a dream.
And these dreams can lead you to Wonderland.
14 April 2007 @ 11:43 am
Prosecuting attorney Miles Edgeworth of Edgeworth Independent Law Offices is accepting applications for an assistant.

The expected duties include, but are not limited to, filing and organizing paperwork, taking phonecalls and arranging appointments, and the occasional responsibility of overseeing the offices when Edgeworth is not present.

Assistant will receive health benefits of medical and dental full-coverage insurance, living quarters, and protection from the State. Wages to be discussed.

Experience not necessary; idiots need not apply.

Fax application to 533-9583 or phone the Edgeworth Independent Law Offices at 533-9588; interview will be arranged once application is received.
06 April 2007 @ 11:37 am
Defense attorney Phoenix Wright is looking for either an assistant or an apprentice.

The job entails the organizing of paperwork and general help in legal matters. Assistant/Apprentice will be considered part of a defense team and will gain valuable court and legal experience, along with the unique opportunity to examine crime scenes and attend court proceedings.

Pay for an assistant will be $12 per hour for secretarial duties. Pay for an apprentice will be $15 per hour plus a percentage of all profits. These rates are negotiable, of course.

No experience is needed, only a general enthusiasm for the job. All ages and genders are welcome to apply.

Contact at Wright and Co. Law Offices, phone number 323-4267.

[OOC: In other words, Phoenix is looking for someone to be his equivalent of Maya/Pearl. He is very generous, ne? XD He'd probably be willing to even let his assistant/apprentice live with him. *shot*]
11 March 2007 @ 04:48 pm
[Mar.14-21.2007]: Furry Coincidence

Event Details: March 14th, a holiday often celebrated in Japan for girls to be gifted with the love, affection and attention of boys. And while Neisenma is often sensitive to such romantic spells, it seems a morbid twist has consumed the districts.

Members of Neisenma have been rewarded with animal characteristics, may it be some awkward whiskers, a tail, ears, mayhaps a severe case of fur, each varying from the next. These additions are live matter, fused into their bodies, and if wounded, the character certainly detects such violence; they cannot be removed (easily), they may have a mind of their own, and by all means, they're terribly hard to ignore.

Event Length: The length of this event will begin on Wednesday, the 14th of March, and will take place for an entire week; this should allow members an opportunity to log, or journal about their experiences, and it is certainly encouraged. SO LET YOUR HAIR HANG DOWN, and let their inner-beast free.
01 March 2007 @ 10:48 am

With the snow melted, storms have began to roll in. Dark grey clouds will blanket the sky and vicious rain will pelt the ground. Along with the stormy clouds and rain, thunder will shake the earth and sky, and lightning will strike as if jagged teeth.

As this weather carries through the hours, at the stroke eleven, those who lived in Neisenma and are now deceased will be seen. Their bodies will show signs of exhaustion and rot, and they shall be seen staring lingeringly through the windows. Some may also be heard, shouting, gasping, sobbing, and banging at the door, pleading to be let in for shelter and warmth. They will be seen when looking through the peephole to the outside. If approached, and attempted to be touched through the glass, they will respond with an unsettling, shuddering breath, and back away. When the door is answered, there will be no one on the step, yet the home-owner shall feel the chilling sensation of someone standing behind them

While some are stuck in the rain, there are several who have made themselves comfortable by invading the homes of those of the living, haunting the living space with their flamed stares. Despite being silhouettes, they have emotion. Most will not care about their company, yet will not tolerate being touched, and will move to the other side of the room if said company is too close.

These ghostly figures are picky on who sees them. Only one person shall see them while their company will be oblivious.

Keep in mind that these are no ordinary bumps in the night, and hiding beneath the covers will not help this time around. Some may be angry, some may be curious, some may be frightened. Be well Neisenma, and be wary whenever you open your door.
27 December 2006 @ 11:58 pm
[Dec.30.2006]: A Difference

Character Name: Kurando Inugami
Canon Source: Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Explanation: It is common knowledge that with time, people change. It is because of time, that individuals suffer this transformation, but it is not often that one is lost entirely to themself. For this day, people will take on a form that is not typically theirs, without control over what they become. The limitations at endless, the difference being anything from changing genders to sprouting wings or turning into a howling demon. Varying from person to person, they'll have another form for a full day before they can change back to normal.
* Shadow Hearts: Covenant characters and those interjoined: AKA- Anya will be particularly sensitive to this change; harmonixers may take on that of a fiend, or of an individual who was particularly important in their life before Neisenma.

Keep them coming~
26 November 2006 @ 11:46 pm
[Dec.1-14.2006]: Toddler's Day Out
Event Details: First giggles and diaper changings aside, look out Neisenma! Something's struck the population and suddenly there's toddlers infesting every corner... But wait, there's adults, too? It seems something's wriggled its way into the blood-work of folks and likely other bodily functions and now people are being changed into toddlers! Left in the care of "family" and friends alike, these bundles of tantrum throwing joy are oblivious to their other selves, simply reliving a second child hood!
Event Length: The event will last from the first of December to the fourteenth, though is very prone to change. The list of who is changed first, then second is below. No, there is no set intervals, set that up amongst yourselves.
* Participation is mandatory! Rationalize like the best of them, the water's poisoned, there was a nuclear spill, what have not, go with the flow.

List A!Collapse )
List B!Collapse )
25 November 2006 @ 04:04 am

The present storm of consistent rain has contributed to massive flooding in many districts. While steps are being taken to handle this situation, there is another broadcast that must be taken into consideration.

A particular cold front will soon move over all of Neisenma, specifically effecting those who have suffered from immense rain-fall. It appears snow is in the immediate forecast.

There is no present limitation to the amount we may receive, nor do we know when this may cease. However, it has been determined it will last long after the holidays.

Be safe, Neisenma. Take the proper precautions to prepare yourselves.
11 November 2006 @ 03:52 am
[Nov.13 2006]: Excessive Guilt

Character: Duo Maxwell
Canon Source: Gundam Wing
Explanation: Guilt has no face for mercy, far from selective in those it plagues. All suffer from its wrath. Everyone will feel guilty for anything naughty they have done in their lives in Neisenma, and any bit of selfishness they might have had, no matter how minor. They will be inclined to find some way to appease this guilt, be it help old ladies cross the street, or otherwise.
* All Gundam Wing characters involved in this event may feel overwhelming generous; they will be solemn when not helping another, dismayed by this mountaing distress.

Our first character event! Don't be shy, now.
13 October 2006 @ 11:17 pm
[Oct.28-31.2006]: Masquerade Ball
Event Details: Ghosts, ghouls and goblins. It's a night only a few evenings before Halloween, and members are encouraged to come attend the Masquerade Ball being held in Central Neisenma. All attending characters are expected to come in costumed garb, as well fashioned with masks to help hide identity. Whom shall dance with whom? We shall see~
Event Length: The event will last to Halloween, thus giving all members an opportunity to attend and at least socialize.
* Attendance is mandatory! Loosen up, party a little spike the punch.